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Botnhamn Photo Gallery No. 1

Pictures of Botnhamn taken during the summer of 2006 and 2007.


Botnhamn and Stonnesbotn

Botnhamn Centre

A small fishing vessel

Beautiful seashore

Nesset at the outer Botnhamn

Botnhamn seen from the air

Outer Botnhamn

Botnhamn Centre

Inner Botnhamn

Botnhamn overview

Botnhamn seen from Lanestuva

Closeup of Botnhamn Centre

Closeup of Outer Botnhamn

Inner Botnhamn

Outer Botnhamn

Botnhamn - by the sea

Botnhamn seen from the air 2006

Botnhamn Centre pictured 2006

Heimdal and Botnhamn School

Inner Botnhamn overview

Galnslått and Stonnesbotn

The tiny place of Galnslått

Sand - another tiny place

Leirkjosen - close to Laukvik

Laukvik - Northern Senja


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