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The latest news from Botnhamn!


Some good news for all travelers traveling to or from Botnhamn! Malangsforbindelsen ferry link from Botnhamn to Brensholmen will start operation again 30 April 2020 and will operate non-stop until 6 September. The ferry has been granted fixed assets to operate regularly every summer for years to come. Click here for information, click here for departure times or read more about Malangsforbindelsen here.


bullet have about 1830 visitors per week (as of May 2018), and of these about 1500 are new visitors. The site has more than 3500 page views per week, and the average user spend more than 5 minutes on the site. More than 96% of all traffic comes from searches, and 89% from Most visitors are from Noway, with the US and Illinois as a good number two. Friday is the most popular day on


More than 40,000 people have visited! In 2015's English front page exceeded 40,000 page hits and created history by itself. It is a great success for a small website like to receive so many hits in such a  short time, as the site has only been up and running since 2002. We hope for more visitors in the years to come and our goal is to pass 50,000 visits by 2017. Help us reaching that goal by spreading the word!


bullet is presenting, for the first time ever, pictures of the Silver Treasure from Botnhamn. The treasure is from approximately the year 1000 A.C. and was found in Botnhamn. One of the necklaces is the only one found with a Rune inscription, and the Botnhamn axe is the only Norse weapon we know with a gold coating. The pictures are published with permission from Tromsų Museum.



The Meyer family celebrated one hundred years in Botnhamn in 2005  as it was exactly one hundred years since Ole Meyer and his firm Meyer & Co established themselves in Botnhamn. Few businesses in Northern Norway have a history like Meyer & Co. The whole Meyer family, counting more than 450 today, celebrated the jubilee with a big party in Botnhamn on 2 July 2005! Read the whole story and see the pictures here!



There is a rumor that Malangsforbindelsen ferry link will start with year-round service within a couple of years, as part of the coastal route . sincerely hope this is true and has therefore secured the domain names and



Aerial photos of Botnhamn! Check out the new pictures of Botnhamn seen from the air. The pictures are for sale in large prints for a fair price. Other pictures can been seen at the Photo Albums page. Contact for more information.


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