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The History of Botnhamn.

Botnhamn is an old farmyard mentioned in historical writings around 1370 under the name Stufunes. There are several archaeological discoveries from the Stone-, Iron and Middle Ages and the farmyard has probably been part of a chiefdom located on both sides of the outer Malangen sound. See pictures of the Silver Treasure from Botnhamn by clicking here. In the 1600s Botn was bailiff estate in Balstad jurisdiction. Through the establishment of trading activity at the end of the 1800s, Botnhamn grew to become a center in Hillesoy municipality.

Hekkingen a quiet day in the spring around 1880

Botnhamn Centre around 1912

Botnhamn, the Meyer shop and pier 1920

Laukvik in Senja, 1923

Peat drying in 1925

Making butter in 1925

The Meyer family in the 1930's

A boat trip in 1938

The Meyer local shop and pier in the 1940s

Postal addrtess "Botnhamn" after the war i.e. 1946

The local ferry alongside the quay in 1955

Botnhamn in the mid-1950's

The Meyer pier around 1955

Aerial photo of Botnhamn 1956

Outer Botnhamn 1956

Botnhamn Centre 1956

The ferry "Tromsų" leaving Botnhamn in 1960

May 17 celebrations in 1969

The local ferry arrive in Botnhamn 1970

Botnhamn in the late 70's


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