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Husøy - a peculiar fishing village located on a small island

Husøy (the House Island) is a small island about 1000 meters long and 500 meters wide located on the far north of the island of Senja. The island is connected to the surrounding world by a 300 meter long pier and road. People started to move to the island around 1950 and the 200 living there today is just as dependent on the fisheries as they were 50 years ago. The houses are almost built wall to wall and this create a good fellowship, which may be needed in such a harsh climate where even the the roofs have backstays. Everything is nearby on Husøy; the local store, the fish processing industry, the school, the cafe, everything is within a 5 minutes walk no matter where you might be on the island!

Husøy and Øyfjorden

Senja's absolute attraction

A small island with a lot of houses

Big mountains surrounds the island

Husøy seen in Øyfjorden

Seen from the north

The houses are built wall to wall

The local fish processing industry

The rugged and unsheltered side

Seen from the "back side"

Tofta and Melen

At the mouth of the fjord

The steep and winding road

The local chapel

The small craft harbour

A small fishing boat gets some maintenance

Fishing boats

The houses are built close together

Husøy lighthouse

The northern part of the island

Husøy and Øyfjorden in the sun

Over the hills and far away

Colours of the midnight sun

Husøy in midnight sun

In the locality there are a relatively good hunting ground, especially for grouse. The angler will like it in this small eldorado which now have a cafe with overnight accommodation.

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Husøy accommodation and adventures

Skarvesteinen kafé

Brødrene Karlsen AS

Husøy in Wikipedia


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