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There are about 6-7 big fishing vessels and almost 30 smaller finishing boats registered in Botnhamn. Most of these operate year-round out of Botnhamn, but there are also fishing boats from other villages operating out of Botnhamn. It is fair to say that the main branch of industry in the village is the fisheries. Fishing is no joke during at winter when stormy weather and snow sometimes makes it impossible to leave the harbour. During summer most of the boats rest quietly in the harbour.


"Lise-Beate" and "Einarson"

Smaller fishing vessels and big fishing boats

Einarson pictured in the summer of 2007

Fishing boats at the small craft harbour

Resting so nice in the summer sun

"Frøydis" of Gibostad


"Wave" and "Småvær"

At anchor in the harbour

"Lise-Beate" waiting for a new trip

Summer in the harbour

Fishing vessel leaving Botnhamn


Click here to see all fishing vessels registered in Botnhamn.


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