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The largest establishment in Botnhamn is the fish processing industry Nord-Senja Fiskeindustri AS. It is located in the middle of the village and receive and process fish from the fishing vessels operating out of Botnhamn. In the late 1980s Nord-Senja Fiskeindustri started with aquaculture and built up a salmon fish-farm on the other side of the fjord. Today the fish farm is the main and most successful component of the company.


Nord Senja Fiskeindustri

Overview picture 2004

The industry pictured 2004

The largest establishment

With its own layup quay

Seen from the back side

In the middle of Botnhamn

Fishing vessels laid up for summer

Idyllic by the sea

Overview picture spring 2003

The largest establishment pictured 2003

Seen from the other side in 2003

Fishing boats

Nord-Senja Fiskeindustri AS 2003

The fish processing industry 2003



Nord-Senja Fiskeindustri AS

9373 Botnhamn


Tlf. +47 77 84 85 86

Fax: +47 77 84 85 93




General Manager: Egil Johansen


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